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Monday, December 04, 2006

Britax Voyaga Ultra Travel System #2

I said I'd write a "part 2" of my review I did earlier on the Britax Voyaga. We've been using it for 7 weeks now - it's taken this long to actually get around to finding a spare few minutes to blog.

Here's a quick update:

The push chair and all of the extras (carry cot, etc) are all well made and don't look worn after 7 weeks of use. It pushes well and is robust to tackle even the toughest terrain that Kidderminster has to offer. The carry cot is very useful, we've used it everyday since our daughter was born. However, it is a bit narrow - if you have a hefty baby, you may not get the use out of it. The car seat is great, although a bit heavy - again it feels tough and robust. When pushing the pushchair around it maneuvers well and acts as a good crowd-parter when zooming through our local shopping Mall. The bag at the back is really useful.

On the down side: It isn't small when collapsed. You need to have a fairly large boot to accomodate the push chair. Once I went back to work my wife found it hard to lift it in and out of her car, because it's pretty heavy when folded up. It took us a while to figure out that the seat had to folded flat in order for the chair to be folded flat. If you have a Fiat Punto you have to take the rear wheel off to fit it in your boot.

On the whole it's a good push chair and worth the money - but it's pretty big and heavy to lift.

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