Another Great Escape

Friday, September 15, 2006

A marathon of a day!

Relief, then exhaustion, quickly followed by a desire to get out of Dodge as fast as possible was the order of the day.

I have three "troubled" (I could think of a whole load of other adjectives) kids in my class who repeatedly make my and the other kids lives, hell. Without going into too much information, it's their final year at the school and with me, having taught them for a year already I knew that this year would build on their previous "successes". Their parents are useless, two kids are from split families and the other's are nutters (certified). The parents don't interact with school, there is no backup whatsoever when problems arise. I find it so hard to keep my patience and my cool, when dealing with them. They share a brain cell (they left it at home today), they have the personality traits of Bart Simpson, the foul mouth of Cartman off Southpark and no sense of what is right and wrong.

I had survived the morning pretty much unscathed, but by the afternoon they were simmering. We'd got cool things planned and the kids were ready to get stuck into things. The 3 idiots raised their weasal-like faces, and their voices. It's hard to explain what they do without it sounding trivial but it's like some Army Psychological Warfare stuff, like white noise. It's constant, irritating and effectively disruptive. Anything could spark it off, a noise, a word, a picture, anything. They seek to disrupt each other and the class by being divs.

I'd gone throught the discipline procedure; I done the ignoring thing, the praising them up thing, the praising up the person next to them thing, the warning .... Enough was enough, they had to go. Ultimately, that's all I can do, they had a time out with the Head and came back after about 20 minutes. They know that our hands are tied and their parents don't give a damn about us or their kids.

This doesn't happen every day - in fact it doesn't happen every lesson. But when it does it really grinds me down. It took all of patience and "professionalism" to keep a lid on my rumbling anger and frustration with these future chavs. If only these kids could switch off their attitude for 50% of the time they'd learn so much. Ultimately, I know that they can't help it, that their parents have made them what they are. But it still doesn't excuse their behaviour. I feel as if I'm hitting my head against a wall.

So, only two weeks back, and they're already doing my head in. The prospects don't look good. Watch this space.


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