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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Jehovah's Weird Witnesses

Another Sunday, another knock on the door at about 1 in the afternoon. We'd ignored it for the past couple of times because we weren't showered etc (I know, bit slack), but today I leapt for the backdoor to see who had been knocking the door. As soon as I opened it I was greeted by a smart looking guy. In the past I've been quite abrupt with JW's and Mormons because when it comes down to it we're never going to agree.

We started talking - it began with him asking me a question about why I thought there was suffering in the world. Here we go, I thought. My mind went into overdrive trying to think about all those things I had been taught about these "cults". I listened and then he asked me why I thought. This went on for a while. Memories are great - because all of a sudden things started to come out of my mouth. It was ace, I could remember all kinds of stuff that I'd read or been taught.

Like I said, the whole conversation lasted about an hour. Thinking back on what we talked about he backed off from some of my points and questions completely and relied a lot on "the bible says..." quoting and misquoting the Bible. The more we talked the more he went back to his version of the bible. Anyway, off he went, and then I got on the web.

I didn't realise how weird and cultish the JW's are. Their whole argument disapates because their version of the bible, which they rely soley on, is flawed. They have constructed a whole culture of exclusivism, that rejects and exile anyone that disagrees or leaves their group. They've predicted the end times numerous times and we're still here. Jesus even had an invisible second coming - hmm!

The interesting thing was that it seems that anything not produced or sanctioned by the Watch Tower or their local kingdom hall is seen as of the devil. He asked what type of christian I am, I replied that I wasn't a particular type but related to the emerging church movement. I offered to show him some info but he said his church had a CD-Rom with things on that he could look at. It wasn't until I got on the web that I found out that any material given to them by an "unbeliever" is tainted by the devil. They have their own information service that deals with outsiders like me.

The more I looked in to their beliefs and how the movement was set up and it's very dodgy dealings the more I realised how good they are at brainwashing people. An organisation that disapproves of it's members seeking unbiased info to check something out smacks of a totalitarian regime or something. There are numerous websites by people who have left the movement - many people got peeved that the 2nd coming didn;t happen in 1975, that they left. Some state mental abuse, and an insistance that they cut off all ties with non JW people. They even adjust dates of historical events to fit in with their predictions

I only wish I had more info to my fingertips when he knocked the door. If there is a next time I'll have my laptop at the ready. It's all too easy to answer the door and then slam it in their face when you find out who they are. Dialogue is good, but as I found today, unless you have facts and questions ready it's pointless because you won't change their point of view. The more you delve into movements past, look at how they think about non-believers and how they treat their members, the more you see that they're dangerous. The guy was nice, he's just misguided. Next time I'll be ready....

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  • they get me on Word was a god bit... arrrghh!!!

    Thing is... we need to learn from their example and lead an open and honest life as light in the darkness... but one that reaches out inclusively... brings people in... instead of keeping people out.

    Good post.

    By Blogger headphonaught, at 8:17 PM  

  • I'll have to remember all this for my new module I started today:

    "christian communities, sects and cults" apparently they may want us to interview such as the likes of your door knocking friend for a piece of coursework.

    p.s. say thanks to claire for the E-mail!

    By Blogger Freak, at 7:20 PM  

  • Thanks headphonaught for dropping by. It was amazing to hear how he used what he had been taught, over and over again. He delivered what he was told to but couldn't grasp that you couldn't back up points by random bits of the bible.

    The thing that gets me is the bit in Luke where they've changed "he" to "it" when refering to Jesus.

    By Blogger Rocky, at 8:18 PM  

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