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Monday, September 11, 2006

9/11: Five Years On

It's a bit of a cliche but I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when terrorists brought down planes in America. Since then the world has been a different place.

The reasons why grown men would be willing to kill to make a point totally invalidated any request to listen to their demands. The turmoil created by these people and their backers (they never seem to blow themselves up do they?) have literally rocked the world. Wars are being waged, (rightly or wrongly), people are dying, homes, countries demolished , etc, etc. It seems that no where is safe and no where has been left untouched by what has happened.

I remember listening to the reports on the radio pretty much as it happened on my way home from work. After the initial shock, an anger took over. My knee jerk response would have been to obliterate those responsible, preferably publicly and with upmost violence. Thankfully my finger will never be on the Nuke launch button nor will I ever have the command of armed forces. After the anger subsided I just wanted to know why.

I don't think we'll ever reconcile with people who are willing to blow themselves to pieces. Their demands are unrealistic and will never (I hope) come to fruition. Any extremism is wrong, it harms people and damages the "normal" people whether Christian, Muslim, Jewish, etc. Our lives, at least in the short term, will never be the same because of people all over the world who are willing to die and kill for their cause. It's the ultimate show of commitment but one that is flawed. You can't debate, discuss, negotiate when you're dead. It shows that they don't value human life, that their tunnel vision is going to be their failing. As they kill and cause havoc most sane people will relegate them to the sidelines.

There is a time to kill and I think that the worlds response to this form of terrorism is by in large the correct one. I don't condone the killing of innocent people on either side but I think we need to combat terrorism in the only way possible (at this moment) and that is physically. There needs to be a Physical response to prevent more attacks and deaths.

Here lies the quandary of me as a Christian. Jesus condoned killing but if we turned the other cheek, we'd have an Islamic Republic of Great Britain or something along those lines in the foreseeable future, in the same form as the Taliban in Afghanistan. That, I believe, is the extremists goal.

Like I've posted before, those people that we rely on for our safety at home and abroad have my upmost respect. They have laid down their lives in protection of what we value; free speech, freedom to worship, freedom of movement, equal opportunities (not perfect yet), etc. There lies the difference.

5 years on the world is a very different place with the prospect of it getting worse before it gets better. I hope that people realize that suicide attacks aren't the way forward. I want our unborn child to be safe.


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