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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Primary School Test Results

Today the Primary School Test results were made public and once again they didn't meet government targets.

The test system is a joke really and doesn't reflect what the children know. Seeing articles and headlines that describe how pupils are failing to reach their targets reflects badly on their teachers or that's how it seems to me anyway. What these articles don't tell you is how these test results are collated. There is no way that all of the children will ever get the grade that they want because life isn't like that. People fail and kids need to know what it's like to fail.

I think small schools are given harsh treatment when it comes to test results and their individual targets as a school. In my school there is only 16 children in each year group. Ability wise I have kids that are poles apart. We have to be inline with national targets even though we don't have a balanced year group in terms of ability. At anyone time our cohort might have an uneven balance of brighter children or thickies. Like I said in my school each year group has 16 kids, with each child worth 6.25%. If 2 kids don't make the grade, that pushes are scores down by 13%. If two kids in a cohort of 100 don't make the grade then that school only drops 2%. It's not fair.

Seeing articles and headlines about failing to reach targets really gets on my nerves because the goal posts are different for each school. Sometimes it is easy to sit in Westminster concocting targets and proposals without actually having any knowledge of what it is like at the chalkface, especially in a school like mine.

On a positive note our scores were up from last year and we improved above the national average!


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