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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Mamas & Papas Sherwood Cot

My parents wanted to buy us something for our 8 month old bump - we opted for a cot. We wanted something that would last a while and that looked good. We found one at Mamas & Papas and ordered it on line.

Typing this post, like putting the cot together, has been a nightmare. First, the Opera browser I installed took a dislike to me inserting images into blogger (3 times losing my posts) then my wifi connection played up just as I was uploaded the post and I lost it again. If this one doesn't work then I'm giving up.

Basically, the cot looks good but putting it together was a hassle.

1) We ordered it fine but wanted a different delivery address - guess what? It turned up at the wrong place today. Very quick but in the wrong place.

2) There are two prices on the website for the same product - ones on the offer page with a free mattress and the other is in the cot section for £15 more and without a mattress. Go figure!

3) The instructions on putting it together are crap - they may have well been written in Swahili.

4) Some of the fixings weren't made properly - I had to "adapt" them.

5) It took ages to fit the sliding side - as it doesn't say you need to dismantle the cot half way through construction to fit the side panel.

6) The allen key supplied was too long and didn't allow for easy turning.

7) Finally, one of the holes needed to secure the panel for mattress needed to be drilled to allow the bracket to fit properly.

If I was looking for a cot I'd think again about buying from M&P - they come across as being good quality but I'm not so sure. On the plus side it looks good and it seems sturdy enough. On the downside, it was a hassle fitting it together, the instructions were not clear and some of the parts were of a low quality. Not what I thought I was paying for.


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