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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Bargain Hunter

There's a fine line between gettting a bargain and being a penny pincher.

Thankfully, I usually fit into the bargain hunter catergory, usually.
Today has been a good day for bargains - as you can see from the pictures we've bought a shed load of loo roll - 80 rolls - EIGHTY rolls! And no, we've not been over doing the curry or suffering from delhi belly. It was on sale at Makro - 80 rolls of good quality, not the sand paper variety, for £14.

Also, you may know that we're expecting our first child (2 months left). My wife has a list of stuff we need to get and with the help of a voucher for John Lewis (spend £50 get £20 off) we crossed another one off today - a handy baby holder for when you need to take a trip to the pub.

Check out the "Penny Pinching" links on the right for some great sites. The one with the voucher is here.

If you live in the UK and want to save money you really need to visit the Money Saving Expert and sign up to his email.

Getting a bargain is ace.


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