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Saturday, July 01, 2006

That was the week that was! Part 2

Next on the list after my reports was the NCSL course. After 9 months of work it was all going to finish with a presentation and a graduation. The title they gave us was Your Learning Journey - and we were then supposed to have a learning conversation with people after your presentation. If you can ignore the cheesiness of it all it was actually very useful. It was good to verbalise the changes that have occurred in me, how these have benefited me and my school. It was also great to meet other teachers in my situation - also a chance to stress how easy secondary school teachers have in relation to us primary school teachers!! Apart from improved job prospects I have benefited big time, I'm sure I'll blog more about that at some point. The presentation went well and I passed - I wouldn't think twice about addressing a school hall full of kids but 50 adults with all their eyes on me was something else.

Straight after my presentation I had to pack - I was off to Shropshire to meet my year 6 and to swap over with my boss as group leader. I've done group trips like this before but this time the buck stopped with me - I was responsible, mostly, for 60 kids - slightly unnerving! It's always good to get away, and the prospect of patrolling the corridors, chaperoning, dodgy food, early get ups was outweighed by seeing the kids mature before your eyes, seeing the kids who hardly say anything come out of themselves, or watching them leap off an abseiling tower after coaxing them up there. Another plus is that I get to do stuff to - there was this cool swing/catapult thing - you basically sat in this bucket, then got winched up by everyone else and then had to pull this cord to send you flying. Then there was the zip wire - the challenge was to see who could go down the fastest - a running leap plus the fact that I'm slightly bigger than the average 10 year old, saw me winning that. It was cool.

Anyway - 3 weeks to go, lots of things to do, but the pressure is easing a bit. Here's to the summer.


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