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Saturday, July 01, 2006

That was the week that was! Part 1

What a week! It has been such a full on week, but I still woke up at 6.30 despite having had about 5 hours sleep since tuesday night (not including the quality 8 hours last night) although I suppose this is something that we will have to get used to...Anyway, I cut myself off from the net because I had to get stuff done, the thing with wireless connections is that you can't escape from it in the house - that little icon was just too distracting!

I spent the later half of the week in an old country house in Shropshire with my year 6 and 50 other kids from our village schools cluster. Before I went I had to write my reports on the kids because I knew I'd be knackered and wouldn't be doing them today. I has a few other need to do things. The reports are always quite hard work - though this year we changed the format making it slightly less time consuming. It is really hard wording the general comment, we're advised to be "positively negative", which is something I find tough. I generally say what I mean without beating around too much. The last comment bit can be really cathartic, either to vent about a kid (in a positive way!), or to big the kid up and really make them feel good. As half of my class are leaving for high school, it's the final official thing I'll do for them. Teaching them for two years allows you to get to really get to know them. If I'm honest I will really miss the majority of them, although I'm not sure about the kids that are staying with me for another year. I now realise how privileged I am to get to know and see these kids grow up, mature and turn into young adults - for the most part I really enjoy my job.

So, after a few lengthy long-haul typing sessions, finishing at midnight monday I was done. I don't resent doing them, it's a big weight off my shoulders, but it allows me to get everything off my chest, outline how well or not they have done and give me closure on another year and another cohort. All in all a very therapeutic thing.


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