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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

All done. Well, almost all done

I had the benefit today of an extra hour in bed and the rest of the day at home. No, I'm not ill or skiving, I'm actually doing work. I just get to stay at home to do it.

I can't believe that this is last week of school before the holidays! The last few weeks really have been manic. I took my class away for a few days to an activity centre, but before that I had to prepare a presentation and finish off reports. Then, some bright spark way back in January, decided to put on a whole keystage performance with 4 shows. We've had rounders tournaments, people in to work with the kids, cricket coaching, dvd's to burn and lightscribe (thanks Andy). Last night was the year 6 leavers assembly.

I got home from work early knowing that I had a speech to write - I don't usually worry or mind about speaking infront of people. Give me a Hall of kids or a load of parents then I'm usually alright. Tonight was different. The actual speech was fine, it was just what was going on in my head. It dawned on me that my year 6, my kids were leaving. I know this happens every year, kids group up and move on. In our school it's different. I teach a mixed aged class, there are 15 year 6. I know them really well, I've taught them for two years, I can tell you which ones have made average, above average, excellent progress. I can give you their Valued Added score or their PP scores. I can sound off their sats levels - with Teacher Assessments too. I know who's had a late night, who might need some encouragement or who's going to have a rough day just by how they answer their name in the register I know these kids - and that's one of the positive sides to teaching in a small school. But because of all that, I'm going to miss them.

It's as if my child (when he/she comes along) is leaving home except that it's multiplied by 15.
This year 6 has done so well, they have shone, every single one of them has progressed and achieved something. Last night at the assemby, I felt as if I had succeeded as a teacher. But then with that realisation came the knowledge that it was time for them to move on. The last day of term - friday - will be tough.

If you're not a teacher, or even if you are, you might be wondering why I'm writing what I'm writing. For me teaching is the best job in the world. I try to put in 100% of me into my job. I work with a good group of people (it's the first job where I can honestly say my workmates are my friends), I have a boss that lets me run with madcap ideas and supports me. But above all I respect my kids and they give their respect back - and for a class of 9, 10 & 11 (it could easily be 13, 14, & 15) year olds that a big achievement. I read somewhere that if you're not tired at the end of term then you haven't done your job properly - well I'm knackered and my class are like Zombies.

Just the secret kids night out to go - LIMO'S!


  • What is the secret kids night out?
    I am not looking forward to our year 6 children leaving as they are a fantastic year group and I get on so well with them. We even keep in touch via email at the weekends. I don't teach them but did in year 4. I have taught them football and cricket for 4 years and will really miss them. Its odd when you get attached to a year group and know they are moving on.

    Lucky you finishing on Friday. We finish on Wednesday!!!!

    By Blogger Chris, at 7:10 PM  

  • Just got back from our night out - we went bowling and ate. A parent had hired two limo's to take us there and bring us back! The kids only knew snippets of what was going on. Cool.

    By Blogger Rocky, at 9:24 PM  

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