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Friday, June 02, 2006

Treasure Hunting

I find things like cellars, lofts, secret passageways, and anything like that fascinating. I suppose it comes from reading Enid Blyton books as a kid and having an over active imagination. Our last house was a Victorian nailers cottage which had a cellar and a loft, it even had an authentic outhouse. The previous owners were hoarders, they left stuff everywhere, we should have complained but we didn't know who to complain to. We spent a good month clearing away their rubbish. The bloke before had started to board over the damp in the cellar, which wasn't a good idea, so we had to pull out the manky boards. Behind one set of boards, underneath the chimney breast was an alcove full of stuff. There was 15 wine making bottles (the big glass ones, with the little handles at the top), there was a Betamax video (broken) complete with about 30 videos (The Lovejoy collection, alongside more dubious titles - Redhot lovers), and just bags of rubbish. Maybe he was making a time capsule or maybe he couldn't be bothered to go to the tip. Anyway, up in the loft was a selection of junk too, we cleared it all out, underneath it all we found the original victorian doors. Cool.

So, I like finding stuff, and rooting around in loft by torch light getting dusty. Yesterday saw me and my dad going up into the loft and putting some boards down. I was expecting all kinds of things, maybe the collection of Lovejoy tapes on VHS, but I didn't. I'm quite disapointed with my haul. Apart from fibreglass splinters and breathing difficulties due to the dust the resulting haul consisted of: a few scraps of 1971 Daily Express Newspaper, 4 old planks of wood, a very large, old, dormant (I hope) wasp/bees nest, and a quite kitsch looking silver Christmas tree.

I've pretty much explored the whole house now, not having found a secret passage or trap door or hidden gems has left me feeling quite disapointed. It's cool to find things - sad, I know - that's why whenever I'm doing an renovation I try to leave something for someone else to find.

So if anyones got an unexplored loft, cellar, bomb shelter or anything that you have to crawl into with a torch, mask and possibly with risk to your life then I'm your man. Drop me an email.


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