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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Mission Impossible?

The look on Crouch's face said it all - relief that he had scored, so relieved he didn't even do his robot dance. After his goal you could see the tension drain off England, and they actually played pretty good even if it was only for the part of the game. I can relate to Crouchy. Today has been a marathon, from waking up at 6.30, to trying to get home to watch the football before kickoff.

I woke up tired, having spent some of the night thinking my lesson through for today, and the day before attaching 10, 1.5metre tall African tribal masks to the hall wall up a rickety set of scaffold. I'm not usually worried about being observed but today was a bit different. I've had a student teaching my class, so for the last few weeks I haven't taught my class Numeracy. Anyway, aside from that, things started going wrong from about 7.10 am. I needed to play part of a track for a section in the lesson, do you think my iPod would play? I needed to leave at 7.30, so I had 2o minutes to iron my shirt, shave, eat breakfast and fix my iPod. I gave up with the iPod and resorted to downloading the track onto a flashdrive, I got to school at 8.15, 30 minutes after I needed to be. Not good. I then got collered sorting some problem out. 8.40, photocopying done, no kids yet. 8.50 kids in - no faffing time left.

I really wanted the kids to pull their socks up and do me proud, I did the usual speech, read them the riot act and then bribed them. Things were going well, until I thought I'd get prepped for the next lesson. I went to use my laptop and the touchpad wouldn't work. Okay, I thought, I'll use the pen on the board - that didn't work either. Not quite panic yet, I rebooted. Still nothing. Turned off the power, let it stand for a bit. Nothing. Removed the battery, rebooted...the pen worked but no keypad. The morning had flown by and I still wasn't ready.

After the faff of the morning, I was almost relieved when the Inspector and my boss came in. I had to forget about the hassles and get on with the show. I thought things were going badly, the kids were farting about, I'd spotted a typo on some of the material I'd done, I was worried that the work was too hard. To top it off I had a kid decide to leap up and commando roll around the floor when I played the mission impossible theme (there was a point to this). I didn't get any indication as they left of how it went, just a thank-you and that was that. I had to wait until after the kids had gone home for my feedback.

Well, it had gone really, really well, I'm not sure what they can tell in a 25 min observation though, but he had liked what me, my posse of helpers (I've got a few special needs kids in my class) and the kids had done. Relief.

The only task left was to get back home for the match - the traffic was really bad. It took me 25 mins to do a 10 min journey.

I'm whacked - I might do my robot dance tomorrow!

iPod's fixed - had to do a reset it by using this update thing off the apple site - that took a while too - Apple's aren't above problems then....


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