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Monday, June 12, 2006

Dramatic Conversion

Before you get excited I haven't converted to Mac - It has only taken 12 months of moaning, disruption, and hassling but in the end right has overcome wrong. Claire has decided that she likes Lost. For the whole of the first series, she complained about how she didn't like it but now she does. She was glued to it last night. Maybe it's the pregnancy, or maybe common sense has prevailed!


  • It's the pregnancy

    By Anonymous Andy, at 9:31 PM  

  • : ) Mac sucks.

    By Blogger R2K, at 9:32 PM  

  • Alex, you are forgiven. Just this once ;-)

    By Anonymous Andy, at 9:48 PM  

  • Andy - I'd like to see it as the veil of unbelief has been lifted. Or maybe she got bored and decided that she'd give it a go.

    By Blogger Rocky, at 6:31 AM  

  • Alex - Not all Mac stuff sucks - iPods are cool.

    By Blogger Rocky, at 6:32 AM  

  • I was bored. Plus I was half reading the paper at the same time. Not exactly glued to the telly.

    By Anonymous Claire, at 6:28 PM  

  • Ha! The truth is out. I knew Lost was crap, and I knew you had no taste (at least in TV) ;-)

    By Anonymous Andy, at 7:47 PM  

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