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Sunday, June 04, 2006


It's been a good week. I spent to quality time with my Dad boarding our loft, we went shopping for a pushchair, we stayed up late watching cheesy films, England won two games convincingly (3,1 & 6:0), I had a hair cut in the day time, we went shopping in B'ham, I finally got to tidy up our front bit of garden, I got caught up with some reading, I barbecued for the first time this year, and I got to see our unborn child stretching out, arm behind it's head, relaxing in our 20 week scan. I could go on, like I said it's been a good week.

I'm on half term break from work, today's the last day of relaxing before we start the final push towards the end of term in 7 weeks. It's been a tough year, the class is interesting to say the least, and I've been busy with lots of projects. But anyway, today is Sunday, we were intending to to got to church this morning - honest. Claire's whacked, she's not budging from the bed. I tried to wake her, she wasn't having any of it. So, out came my laptop (not a mac), on went the kettle for some tea and I settled on the couch with the french doors open for a bit of uninterupted blog time.

I caught up with a few blogs I read, left a few comments and discovered a good blog- Journeyguy and a good feed from the BBC 10 thing.

Sometimes it's nice just to chill out, read, type, listen to the birds in the garden, smell the air and drink tea (and eat a couple of ginger nuts).

I'm not in work tomorrow, I've got the day at home to start writing the end of year reports on the kids. So my break isn't completely over :-)


  • You deserve a good week my friend, and you deserve some time-out. Remember, church is people not buildings - I don't think non-attendance counts as back-sliding. At least I hope it desn't ;-)

    By Anonymous Andy, at 11:20 AM  

  • Joel! Stopped by your blog and am looking forward to following it. Thanks for the comment on mine.

    Now I'm curious about these Ginger Nut things... Gonna have to track down a package...! ;)

    By Blogger Jeff Noble, at 1:40 PM  

  • Ginger nuts are the business - especially dunked in milk. Also, if you can get them, Hobnobs, (I know they sound rude, here anyway) but they're known as the SAS of Biscuits.

    By Blogger Rocky, at 1:47 PM  

  • You backsliding too Andy? Hope the grilling is going well. I got myself some new utensils - Terence Conran ones!!! Oooohhhhh! :-)

    By Blogger Rocky, at 7:19 PM  

  • Sounds like quite a productive day. Ginger Nuts are definatly the bees knees of biscuits. Sounds like the little one is taking after you already. Hopefully the piromaniac gen has not been passed on! Lol! Hope you are well and Claire enjoyed her sleep. Talking of babies. Do you remember Sarah who lived near sally at uni. She has had a little boy. Joseph. All doing well. She is going out with my best friend from A-levels.

    Enjoy the day off for reports. Thankfully mine were done in February so only have loads of sporting things at school to organise this term.

    By Blogger Chris, at 9:32 PM  

  • HI Chris! Not quite sure which Sarah you meant - the only one I remember was a nutter.

    By Blogger Rocky, at 8:24 AM  

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