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Friday, April 21, 2006

Not that I'm ungrateful but...

Another birthday, another selection of interesting birthday presents. Fortunately, I married a wonderfully thoughtful, husband-appreciating/nurturing person. Without her thoughtful gifts I would be thoroughly depressed. Since growing up and leaving home birthdays have always been anticlimactic when it comes to some of the presents I receive. The "quality"presents I have received usually fall into the stationary, personal hygiene or, now, plant catergories. I know someone somewhere would appreciate a set of personalised stationary (4 years running - you know how much I use a pen and paper), a bottle of shower gel (maybe they're trying to tell me something) or even a hanging basket of pansies (hmm...) - but I'm a modern man, someone who downloads podcasts, someone who has a selection of Converse trainers, someone who kills animals in the garden (see previous posts), someone who enjoys a pint, someone who travels, someone who lives in the 21st Century :-)

I think having grown up and left the confines of small town life - having it seemed, emigrated the universe-like length of 9 miles to the neighbouring town, people that once were so adept at buying presents have lapsed into "I can't be arsed to find out what he likes" mode. Instead, resorting to buying something definately middle aged. The difference a few years makes is amazing. I left my hometown 9 years ago to go to college, from there I got married, moved and got a job and have not looked back since. People obviously think I've aged considerably since then - maybe I'm ready to retire and take up allotment gardening.

Not to put too much of a downer on things - I did get some cool presents too. As you may or may not know we're expecting our first kid. This wasn't for my birthday - as they are too small
for me! (Thanks Mum and Dad for the baby gear!) I decided that I needed to get all of my big purchases out of the way. I tied them into my birthday as an excuse really as this is the last time we might have any money for a while. So, I'm now the proud owner of an iPod (I may have mentioned this before), we've also purchased another car - not a brand new one and not strictly for my birthday. We get it Wednesday - hopefully. The insurance company has been a bit slow sorting stuff out. I also had a lawnmower - again not strictly for my birthday but its loud, and has blades, and gears and goes by itself - another addition to my powertool arsenal.

Some very thoughtful soul/s bought me an iTunes gift certificate (they, obviously don't think I smell, need pens and paper or want to grow pansies!). I had a very well thoughtout present from my granma - although it reminds me of those times when old people forget what things cost nowadays. As for the rest of my family, Grandad seemed to have forgotten, but the rest of them remembered and their gifts are much appreciated

I always used to remember when birthdays were great fun, I couldn't wait to get up and open my presents. I know the magic of birthdays diminishes when you get older - but I'm only 28, if people really knew me I'd hope they wouldn't get me flipping flowers. Anyway, I was having a good day until I got the pansies - thanks to those people who put some thought into my presents. My wife has always got me great things - she's very thoughtful, her whole family is. I married well.


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