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Thursday, April 06, 2006

More tea Bishop!

Well it is nearly here - Easter break. Two whole weeks of bliss, no kids, no hassling parents, no getting up early! We won't have another Easter with just the two of us again - which is weird.

The local Bishop came to school today - it also coincided with my class assembly. I'm not sure that it was a coincidence, my boss knew ages ago that the Bishop was coming but she neglected to tell me until last week. I find it really hard to relate to a guy that looks like the stereotypical English Christian Cleric - buck teeth, straggly beard, dodgy dress sense (purple shirt - part of his garb anyway, sandels with a suit!!!!!!!!!!!!! - and not the trendy ones). He arrived in his outfit/regalia, mitre and all, and monotone voice. I think the kids were stunned, some of them really didn't understand what this funny bloke was up to. If all the Anglican church has to offer is a funny looking bloke who dresses weird and talks in a language the kids don't understand, it's no wonder that church numbers are declining. On the positive side... he blogs. I really struggle with the "established" church. I understand that the position and the trappings associated with it are all symbolic - but who understands these anymore? He did make us laugh though.

He was asking the kids some questions about what he was wearing. He said "what special colour do I wear?" The kids shouted out "Purple!" He then proceded to lift up his robes and said "I'll check what's under my cassock...mines purple. What colour's yours Rector?" At that point, some of the members of staff with more purile senses of humour started to snigger - I refrained (just about) - Either the Rector is very good at keeping a straight face or didn't have a clue what people were sniggering at. If you're not sure google "actress and bishop" jokes. It made me laugh anyway.

Meanwhile my assembly was going on - which went really well. The kids were great. We had loads of positive comments from parents - which make a change.


  • So what colour was the Rector's special colour....
    Do we even want to know?

    By Anonymous Andy, at 12:25 PM  

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