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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Mark Berry - missionary to the "Goldless" in Telford

"Mark Berry - special missionary to 'go[l]dless' Telford" as quoted in the Guardian Newspaper.

I came across this blokes blog the other day. Reading the article in the Guardian, he sounds like the Jamie Oliver of Mission. I don't mean that as an insult - there are just some similarities - Vespa Scooter, hair, etc.

The article was pretty objective, for a national newspaper. Non of the usual anti-christian stuff or "quirky" christian slant. It sounds like he has a difficult job - with a home church that doesn't quite understand his remit, "It's a wonderful little church, full of wonderfully spirited, kind, elderly people who, bless them, would not know how to connect with some of the people I'm trying to connect with...the church warden asked me, 'As you're the local missionary, will we be seeing some young people coming?' and I said, 'The short answer is no." His approach is ace, I'm glad his focus isnt' getting bums on seats, it just doesn't work. He's just living his life with God and finding normal places to share his faith - not the Saturday Morning ravers in the highstreet, reminding people of their guilt and need to repent.

It'd good to find similar minded people.

Mark Berry's Blog


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