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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Manchester Passion

About two weeks ago the BBC started broadcasting adverts for it's "Manchester Passion". I don't know whether you saw the ad's - a few classic cars, some cool music and the wonderful scenery of Manchester. Rather than spend my Friday, boozing and clubbing (ha, ha), I thought I'd tune in.

I'm usually a bit skeptical about "religious" programmes on the TV, they're usually a bit cheesy, too traditional, or way too wishy washy (Heaven and Earth Show - urgh!). I'd read some of the reviews (I don't know how they were able to review a live show), some were saying that it was going to ruffle a few feathers, others were saying that it was bad to modernise a traditional story. It was a bit radical for some people - to have a passion play without any "religious" music, to have it live in the Manchester (nothing against Manchester - my sis in law lives there), etc.

The music was great, The Smiths, Oasis, Stone Roses - I'm not sure about Robbie Williams though!! The songs could have been written especially for it, they all seemed to fit so well. The casting of some of the disciples was great - who better to pick than Bez (happy Mondays, celeb big bro winner) and I'm sure Paul Weller. Even the bloke who got to play Jesus, wanted to play Judas, they seemed to pick the most unusual people for this - but it all worked. God must have been there somewhere.

The thing that got me were the interviews. For the most they grabbed young Christians, the only bum note was the person that was "there for all of non-spiritual people" to share in the feeling of the moment. Each to their own. It was good to see an explicit christian message broadcast in a "non-Christian" way. Some people I know would freak at how the message was broadcast, but it was fresh and to the point. It said so much more than someone retelling the story at the front of a church, even if they had a powerpoint presentation! In the past I've found it so cringeworthy watching Christian programmes, this one made me think that it was worth paying my licence fee.

If you missed it, you really did miss out.

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Check out Vintage21 for some really funny videos - not for the traditionalist Christian. Very contemporary


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