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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Da Vinci Discussion

There's loads of debate around Dan Brown's book. If you want an honest, balanced non-judgemental approach look at this discussion forum. There's some interesting threads.

I like this blokes comment:

Haven't read it.

Life is too short to voluntarily read bollocks. There is too much important stuff that I need to read that I'm unable to, that I don't want to spend what little time I have available reading fiction.

And this one:

The really amazing thing is that anybody gives a damn. Slagging the church, in particular the RCC, still can bring huge monetary rewards. That makes me wonder how "secular" our societies really are. If people are just post-Christian religious apathetics, why do they even care about any of this?

This one sound a bit of a weirdo:

I have two four-foot long shelves in my bedroom stacked with quality fiction and non-fiction (mostly theology) that I plan to read soon. Why would I want to waste my time reading this load of half-baked crapola?

You may say I should read it to find out if it's really crapola. Fortunately, I have critics and you good people here to tell me that. After all, I don't read porn or racist literature to find out if it's really pornographic or racist!

ETA: PS, as an impoverished writer myself, I would not be able to bring myself to put even more money into the fraudulent pocket of Dan Brown.

I could go on.

Just make up your own mind.


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