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Friday, March 10, 2006

Friday - at last!

It's been a marathon week in some ways - lots of things have happened at work and at home that have left us zapped of strength. It seems to have taken a big push to get to Friday. Monday seemed so long ago.

We had parent's evening at school this week - and more than ever I realised how blessed I am to have had such a stable homelife and from that a solid start to life. Parent's who think they know it but don't, are the worst type of parent's that any teacher can face. You know what they're thinking as soon as they step up to take their turn. There's that cocky smile or serious scowl. I used to (still do sometimes) take all of their theatrics to heart - which in turn led me to doubt my ability to teach. Anyway, there was this one parent who has had always had it in for me, ever since I started teaching her child. I wondered about what it might be: is it because I'm "fairly" young, a bloke, etc, etc. I dunno. She came with an agenda, not about her child, but diss the school and diss the LEA. I just got the impression that she was a lonely twisted person with too much time on her hands. In someways the worse kind of parent - who thinks by venting at shouting off they can change the world but in fact is neglecting her child.

I hope when we have kids I don't turn into this twisted, psycho, nutter who thinks that their child is an angel and can do nothing wrong.

Well - time to get to work - I'm well impressed that I blogged before work. People always say that teachers have too much time on their hands. Only 7 hours before I'm back home again (I don't stay late on friday - I do every other night - honest!).


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