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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Don't Listen to the DIY demon on your shoulder!

I've had one of those weekends where everything that I did seems to take ages.

I had a DIY urge and decided to rip out the funky 70's panelling that is in our understairs cupboard. So, I thought I'd go out get my hair cut, nip to Tesco get the shopping and then head over to B&Q to get some supplies to do the job. First timewasting moment - I had to wait 45min to get my hair cut. Next time wasting moment - I then went to Tesco, never, never, never attempt any kind of food shopping on a Saturday, there were people everywhere: Kids wailing, old people walking really slowly in the middle of the aisle, people getting stroppy, you get the picture. At this point I'd been out nearly two hours, time was ticking by and I had DIY to do. The next faffy time wasting moment happened at B&Q - waiting again, along with the world and his wife to get served. Finally, I had to navigate my way back home through traffic, around diversions etc, etc.

So, the job started - I moved all of the junk from under the stairs and starting to prepare. Crowbar and hammer in hand I set about the 70's plywood, reducing it to bits in minutes (so far, so good), next came the cork tiles glued on to the wall, at this point I'm sure time changed, the physical process of taking the tiles slowed down whilst time speeded up. It seemed to take me hours. Anyway, all the prep was done. Next came the point when I looked at my watch, felt the pains in my dodgy knees, my knucke (minus the top 3mm of skin) started to throb where I'd scrapped it a few minutes before - and I regretted ever starting the job. I'd started so I had to finish....

This was also the point when everything seemed to go wrong - I'd thought that I could stick the cladding to the wall with glue (in theory correct) but I'd forgotten to seal in the walls. Bit of cladding kept falling off, making me so pissed off! Eventually it all went on on the dodgy wall, without too many mishaps. I know only had 3 walls left! Woohoo! I then ran out of glue and wood and had to make another trip to B&Q. I got the stuff, did as much as I could do and then looked at my watch. The thing was, that it was now nearly 8pm, this "little" project had taken 8 hours to do. What a way to spend a Saturday.

I'm now left with yet another unfinished project to add to my list.

What a joy!


  • Sounds familiar - big difference being that you not only stand a chance of finishing it because of your DIY talents, yours will also look good!

    By Anonymous Andy, at 9:55 PM  

  • It's the whole time thing - I just want more time (doesn't everyone?). I've really noticed the difference having been out of my routine for a week. I'm beginning to feel stressed again, beginning to resent any time spent at home doing school work - I just wanted to do some thing and play around with a few power tools.

    I'll see what I can do about restarting my routine this week. It started so well. Who knows I might actually find some time to finish what I started.

    By Blogger Rocky, at 10:22 PM  

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