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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Transitional Phase

I think I may have weaned myself off burning things. I know what you're thinking, once a pyro always a pyro but I think my massive pyres are a thing of the past. When I was younger I was told how someone was forced to give up smoking by being made to chain smoke cigars until they were sick. Anyway, for the last few Sunday's I've been burning the remains of a tree that we cut down in the summer - talk about a boring job. I really couldn't face another round of burning so I ended up bagging the rest of the stuff up and taking it to the tip.

However, the job was not complete, we still had the rest of the tree to cut down. I'm all for the environment and everything, save the whales, recycling, CO2 emissions, etc, etc. But this tree was part of an axis of evil in our garden. Providing a route for squirrels to party on our roof at 5 am in the morning - it was also wrecking the paving around our house and blocking light from our neighbours house.

So - out came my new power tool....a chainsaw! Well, what can I say the sound the saw cutting throught the wood (albeit through ear defenders), the chippings flying everywhere, the smell of the wood...The tree was down, sliced, diced and ready for seasoning in under an hour.

Don't worry the burning urge is still there but power tools are the way forward. :-)


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