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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Penny Pinching Links

For those of you in a bit of a financial squeeze at the moment (aren't we all) take a look at my penny pinching links.

They're all legit, I've used them all and saved a bit of money.

Yougov is an online pollster, lots of these polls are for newspapers or companies - you get paid for taking part in surveys. It usually works out at about 50p a go, I had 9 surveys in January. They take about 2 minutes to complete. The only downside is that you only get your money when your total reaches £50. I'm at £45.55

Money Saving Expert is fantastic. We have saved so much money using this. Martin Lewis is a journalist for the BBC- he hosts a website where it's only aim is to stiff the big companies who rip us all off. We switched bank accounts, mortgage, credit cards, got loads of money off coupons, etc. Very, very good.

Quidco - Just found this one. It offers cash back on purchases from popular places -,, even!

Hotukdeals - not some dodgy site but a place stuffed with all of those online vouchers that everyone is talking about but you can never find. There's money off at, John Lewis, Laura Ashley, just browse down the links sections.

Anyway - hope this saves you some cash.


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