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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Life is precious

It dawned on me this weekend that people who I love and care for won't be around forever. I went back home this weekend to see my mum and dad, we had tea with them and chatted about stuff. As I sat there talking and listening I noticed how much my parents had aged. I don't mean that in a bad way (especially if you find this blog m & d!) they just looked older. We were chatting about what I remembered from growing up. Thinking about those memories, really bought it home just how much things had altered in the last 28 years. Life does take its toll. A few things have cropped up recently that made me think

Dad had an car accident about 14 years ago, thankfully at the time he had only minor injuries but as time has gone on the damage caused to his ear has got worse. Anyway, last night he told us that he'd have to have a hearing aid. I know that there's nothing wrong with having one but it just reaffirmed that he wasn't indestructible. Claire's Dad has recently got older - his voice has changed a bit - nothing noticible to an outsider, but enough for Claire to pick up. My Grandad (he's ace!) recently discovered IKEA! Can you believe it? He's reliving his youth I think, he's 78, got a girlfriend 15 years younger than him and spends more evenings out than we do. But he's 78, he had 50 or so years of his life used up, looking after someone whose life was dominated by antidepressants. It's only now that he's having a bit of freedom.

Life is so precious. There is truth in the saying, "Youth is wasted on the young". You don't realise when you're 16 that people get old. My life has changed so dramatically in the last 5 years, marriage, job, house, etc, etc. You forget that in the midst of all this people are still getting old. There will come a time when claire and I won't be together. I hope and pray that this is far in the future. It tears me apart just thinking of it. Seeing my dad age is scary, because if he can age, so can I.

It's hard - as a Christian I've been taught that there is life after death. I do believe that, before you all starting worrying that I'm backsliding. But, it's hard, I don't want to be parted from anyone that I love and care for. I've been reading this book on the bible, it's a commentary really, but an interesting one! I've scanned through most of the bible with it - there;s a part in the NT about what happens when we die, I can't remember where, I'll have to dig it out later. But the gist of it was that it doesn't matter when you die, you'll be resurrected at the same time. That sounds good to me. I think the scary thing for me was being apart from people, being on my own or leaving people behind. I know that death is inevitable, just like taxes, and that it comes to us all and that people have been dieing for years. It still doesn;t make the prospect any easier to deal with.

Life is precious. Time spent with people you care about is precious. Life is short. Old age creeps up slowly but surely. Jesus said that he came to offer us life (present tense) in the full. I often think that my life isn't being led the the fullest - Like I've blogged before, time management is something I need to work on, I think I'm winning it.

I know this is rambling on a bit now - I'm logging off now. I'll try and add more to this later.


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