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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Good things

The past week has seen my energy levels increase, my work/life balance re-establish itself (to some extent) and the purchase of a chainsaw! What do I owe all of this renewed energy and realignment too, not to mention my love for all tools mechanized (I've not graduated to petrol ones yet - they're a bit too scary)?

Whilst I was doing all of those mudane, housey type things (picking up leaves, clearing out the garage, etc, etc) I was able to have a good think. My better half was out with friends watching some chick flick which I had no intention to see - I was great to have some clear, uninterrupted thinking time. Now I know why my Dad spent so much time out in the garden, garage, shed, loft when I was younger. Anyway, I actually made a News Resolution this year, I don't usually bother. I felt that I should at least have a go. I decided to make sure I drink more water. After not holding out much hope that this would have any impact, I began to feel more alert, and low and behold I had a bit more energy. "Wow!" I thought.

This has been going on for 3 weeks now, with each week I'm finding myself feeling a bit better. I wasn't ill before, but I just felt low. I put it down to lots of things; Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder (SAD); being a lazy git; being tired from work; etc. I realised that it was the water last weekend, I dunno about you but at the weekend our eating habits go out of the window. If we lie in we don't eat breakfast till late and then we won't eat tea until later. My drink (H20) patterns pretty much matched that. I felt really crap, and thirsty, it then hit me like a thunder bolt - WATER!! Anyway, don't take that as a true scientific test of the purifying properties of water - it does work.

Work/life balance...being a teacher opens me up for a lot of hassle from people who don't have a clue what teaching is like in the 21st Century. Just for the record, the days are long gone when you could turn up at 8.50 and leave at 3.15. Our old next door neighbour couldn't get it through his head that teachers earnt the long summer holidays. I've been doing a future School Leadership course, it is actually more interesting that it sounds. Part of the course is to complete a self diagnosis matrix (nothing to do with Neo, it's just a watch word for a few questions) and then get my colleagues to do the same. Well, I had the results this week and a meeting with my coach. On the plus side I have good to very good leadership qualities and a few other things too, on the negative side my "planning and organising" side is still "developing". I discussed this with my coach and after a prolonged discussion we looked at what I was actually doing at school and how I was using my time to do the nuts and bolts stuff of teaching. To cut a long, and potentially boring, I'm using my time at school to do the stuff that I hate doing, staying until the caretaker kicks me out but then leaving as much stuff at school as possible.

Having got most of my planning done in the week I have maybe an hours work at the weekend - the rest of the time is my time - It's the first time in a few years that I haven't dreaded Sunday afternoons because I've sorted stuff out. It seems so simple now. I had been so caught up with knowing I had work to do but telling myself I was too busy to do it properly, I dunno, I think I was spiraling out of control, taking more things on at work, but not fully realising the system I had wasn't;t working. I was really resenting my job - which I'm not now - maybe only a bit.

It's Sunday afternoon - no work to do - chainsaw time.

I'd better explain my power tool fixation next time.


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