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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Eminent Harvard Scholar

Mrs R. Russell, Harvard, USA - my obsessive (in a good way), vertically challenged, quality friend, from way back - in an email after reading my blog. This is someone who can further the cause to drink more water!!

"...water is SO important! I started drinking 64 or more ounces of water (8 cups... not sure what that is in the metric system!) and stopped drinking caffeine and low and behold-- I have at least 10 times the energy I had before (no exaggeration!), can wake up easier in the morning and am mentally more alert as well! If you don't drink enough water not only do you not have any energy because you're always slightly dehydrated, but your kidneys can't function as they're supposed to (they need a large supply of water to fully function) so your liver begins to help your kidneys filter all the bad stuff out of your system... when that happens everything else in your body slows down to compensate including metabolism (also, if you exercise and don't get enough water your body actually can't flush out the fat you've burned and 60% or more of it gets absorbed back into your body!), blood oxygenation (which will make you more winded if you're exercising, running up stairs, etc.), mental function, muscle function... everything! I'm a bit of a nutrition nut too, if you'd like to know anything about that (like, why you need omega-3 fatty acids, why trans fats are so bad for you, what different vitamins do, why all the B vitamins have to be taken at the same time or none of them work, etc.). I'm a little obsessed, can you tell??? :)"

She is an eminent Harvard Scholar!


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